Sinops Limited

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Channel & Ventilation

Available in Steel & A2SS/A4SS

Strut Channel

Channel Brackets & Fasteners

Cantilever Arms

Channel Spring Nuts

Square Plate Washers

Back Plates

Central Hanging Plates

Overhead G Hangers

Stand Off Brackets

Tray Couplers


Tying, Lacing & Suspension Wires

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps


Building Metalwork

Joist Hangers

Restraint Straps


Nail Plates

Timber Connectors

Wall Liner Brackets

Truss Clips

Herringbone Clips

Metal Shims

Wall Connector Kits


Building Products

Letter Plates and Letter Box Fronts

Fencing Posts, Spikes & Supports

Cable Ties

Plastic Shims

Plastic Caps

Plastic Vents

Electrical Socket, Switches & Boxes

Scaffolding Accessories

Ring Bolt Anchors

Scaffold Screw Eyes

EN74 Swivel Bracket

Formwork Products

Tie Rod Bar

Waler Plates

Nuts & Connectors

Industrial Consumables

Welding Wire

Steel Banding & Clips

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